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Cookie Policy


We may collect certain information through cookies, web beacons and other automated means. A cookie is a text file that is stored in a dedicated area of your device’s hard drive, for instance when you visit an online service, when you read an email or while installing or using a mobile app. A cookie allows its sender to identify the device on which it is stored during the period of validity of consent, which does not exceed 13 months.

We use the following cookies:

  • Cookies that are functional to collect information that will allow us to facilitate your browsing such as language preferences, memorizing log-in, or saving the content of your shopping basket.

  • Cookies to collect information on your behaviour by collecting referring URLs (where our visitors come from, which banners they clicked on and which directed them to our website), pages accessed, times of websites visits. Such information will allow us to enhance our website, have a better understanding of the products and services you would prefer.

  • Cookies for web analytics to measure the web sites activity and determine the areas of the websites which are the most visited, hence improving the visibility of our content.

  • Cookies to ensure the security of online transactions/purchases through device fingerprinting, which allows to identify certain aspects of the equipment used to place an order.

Third-party cookies (delivered by advertising agencies, analytics providers, etc.) enable them to collect browsing information on your Devices, including measuring the efficiency of our advertising campaigns on third-party websites. Third-party cookies are subject to said third-party privacy policies. We hereby inform you about the purpose of these cookies and how you can manage them, to the extent we are aware of.

We may include in our website the possibility to share content with third parties or to let other persons know you browsed our website. Such is the case for instance of “Like” and “Share” functionalities offered by social network platforms (“Facebook”, “Twitter”, etc). Social networks which offer these functionalities may identify you even though you do not use these functionalities on our website. Indeed, such functionalities allow social network platforms to track information about your browsing on our website whenever your social network account is active while browsing our website. We do not control how these platforms collect your personal data while you are browsing our website. We invite you to read the Privacy policies of these social networks to find out how they use the information they collect (including for advertising purposes) through these buttons.

These Privacy policies should provide you with information on how to manage your preferences on your social networks account.

Except for functional or security cookies, the use of cookies on a Device depends on the user’s choice, which can be made and modified freely and at any time. You can manage cookies by setting your browser to accept or reject cookies on your Device, either globally or cookie by cookie.

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